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Here we will post when there is updates on the site!

right now i have posted an update in

“Games Updates”

where you can see an early sneak preview of our upcomming game

“Monkey Sailing” :smiley: :D!!

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Forums Up!!!

we are still accepting new developers on the Dev Team but what we really need is:

Python Programmer(s)
a good texture artist(s)
character modeler(s)
1 or 2 more general modelers

if anyone is intrested stop by our forums and post, the form for applying will be up on the site soon

will post here when its up.

I model, animate, and program. How can i be of service?

well we are mostly needing a few things python programmed as we all arnt to hot at PS (Python Scripting)

hey remember i’ll still help u geys out by any way but i’m still a stand alone

hmm character modeller sounds good and fun

i might need to practice a bit more first though :slight_smile:

nice, as i said we are needing character modelers ! :smiley:

hmm what kind of Characters do you need?

The Application forum is now UP!!!

we are looking for a few more members for our Dev Team so if intrested go here:

App Form

fill it out and send it off!!!

Also our Forums are up so please do head over and register!!

MG Forums

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I might be able to help.
i’m 13, have a korg prophecy(might be able to make some cool music) and am making 2 games. Heres one of them:

I’ll apply once i get a demo of my game working. :slight_smile:

when do you think you will begin the project. Have you had the opportunity to create worlds and characters and models that need to exist in the game? I could start work soon, if that would help. Anyway, take it easy!

edit : woohoo 100th post!

project already started, we have a few boats done and areas, also have the planning almost finished.

I’m 13 too, and can script pretty well. I love to model. I’ll fill out that page right away!

Our Site:
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has anyone mentioned textures? ill be happy to texture or model.