Monkey island type of game, help!

Hello guys

Im new to BGE.
I’m trying to figure out how to make a simple point and click game like the classic monkey island where you can pick up stuff and interact with characters (one of the things I want the main character to do is to walk in to the cabin, pick up the cup of coffee next to the door and have the option to “use” the cup to wake the sleeping guy on the porch up by throwing hot coffee in his face.

how do I make the character walk to selected areas of the room? and pick up stuff when pointing at them???
Image of the scene below

Thank you!

Hi,…look at Game Engine Resource forum:)
Good Luck!!

ok the movement should be done using rays and change location
(if d is pressed and ray not hitting obstruction move right)
or tampering with proper physics

the same ray can be used with python to detect objects marked as a container,

ray = cont.sensors['ray_sensor_name'] 
use = cont.sensors['pick_up_button']
#is how to get at a ray sensor and keypress

# now you can use 

if ray.positive and use.positive:
    if 'container' in ray.hitObject:
        for child in ray.hitObject.childrenRecursive:
            if 'item' in child:
                #decide what to do with game object

So for the point and click thing, you gotta get the hit position of the mouse if click is positive, then get the vector from the character to the hitpos, then applyMovement() to that vector.

Actually I only have this very old point and click example. If I remember right, it was made for Blender 2.43. If you try to run it with Blender 2.79 it wont work. But If you look at it, I will help you how some of the things will work.

Basically you only need to place the selectable objects on an Plane. Then you can use a Mouse Over and Mouse Left Button to detect the selected object (more the logic bricks way). Or you can use a python script and a camera ray cast to detect it.
For the movement you need a script to get the cursor position on the screen so you can move the character to this point. To stop the character you need to make some invisible planes as walls.

ahh point click to walk

I think I have a example somewhere in resources that turns in place if the new loc is behind them.

Thank you guys, awesome to get your support, do anyone of you know if there’s a video/text tutorial on this topic?

I don’t have a tutorial to share, but my friend Clean3d and I made a point and click game a few years ago for a contest, and you might like to look at that. It basically does all the things you were asking about. We made it in 2.62 I think, but it seems to still work fine in recent versions of Blender. Sorry it’s a bit messy. We only spent about 36 hours making it.