monkey minecraft head

i suddenly got so good at building in minecraft

yesterday i was building a house and then i turned around and saw a giant creeper

so what do you peoples think, i know the creeper dosent look minecraft realistic but does the money head

some many view but still no reply’s, why must this be

I like the concept and the overall appearance! But the second one seem’s to fake for me,it needs something more… try working on stretching of the UV’s. if that doesn’t solve the problem of the creeper’s texture looking to blurry try to redo the texture with a smaller brush size. the brushed in details is too loose for me, that’s my only concern! Great work! Keep it going! many view but still no reply’s, why must this be

the creeper may be a it fuzzy cause i used the original textures

Hey liquid_legs all though everyone likes minecraft, this really isn’t the right forum for this. You should post this on the minecraft forum.

oh ok, i just thought cause it was renderd with blender that this is where it would belong

With the giant creeper, turn off mip mapping in the texture panel.