Monks Face

(H-C) #1

this is a monks cheerfull face i modelled and texture etc etc :D, hope you like it.

copy and paste

(S68) #2


really nice, there are few glitches… nostrils looks funny, and asymmetrical (or it is the nose?) and hair too looks a little strange, but I like it a lot :slight_smile:


(CurtisS) #3

Very, very well done! Other than the hair (looks like alot of hair spray was used) and the light inside the right nostril, it is one of the best examples in Blender so far.

(valarking) #4

looks nice, but i think there’s a bit TOO much specularity there, otherwise, plus what the others said, it look kick ass.

(H-C) #5

yes well i modelled it from my grandad and the hair was actually a texture of my grandads hair, but he kind of wet his hair before i took a picture of it so its meant to be kind of slick, and another thing, the picture is meant to seem like a photo has been taken like the camera of the bulb has flashed so i tried to achieve that effect thats why there is a kind of gleem on the hair

(rndrdbrian) #6

H-C. Looking good, but I think there may be some aligment problems between the texture map and the mesh. Are you using a UV map, or have you planar mapped the image?

Another thing to consider, you shouldn’t really have any shadows on the original texture map.

Still, I’m sure you will give your grandfather a pleasant surprise when he sees this! :slight_smile:




(Angelo) #7

Good work !! .

(DreamMaster) #8

Good work :slight_smile: You’re making me miss my grandpa even more… he died in Sept. 1997. He rocked my life! Anyways, you should work on his hair, I understand that it’s kinda supposed to look like that, but sometimes you have to make some changes. It’s what I do to make it better.

(IMProvisar) #9

Incredible work… I’d work a little inside the nostrils though, and add a little nose-hair, lol.