Monopoly Board Scene

Hey guys, super simple scene for my sister as she has started going monopoly crazy, plus it’ll be a little fun project for my self :slight_smile:

the end result is planned on being a little quirky, like maybe designing some of my own player pieces or something?
not quite sure yet, but photo realism is first and foremost

Very nice :slight_smile: I like the glossy plastic of the houses. But I have a few remarks :
I think you should make the borders of the board more round, it looks very sharp. And if you want to make it realistic, you should add some ‘damage’ to it, a little dirt etc, it looks too clean.

It’s a nice start. Maybe add a little more variation between having all hotels on the left and all the houses on the right. I know it’s cheaper to build hotels on the first half but yeah.
Also the fold marks in the board would be really nice to see too.

Border has been rounded,
Grime has been added,
Coffee ring stain has been added.

Thanks for the critique :slight_smile:

This is actually a replica of a game that i whooped my families bums at :slight_smile:
Dark blues and greens were owned by my last opponent!

but i agree with the board creases + i will be touching up the house positions as we rarely ever have them that neat!
(upside down houses in a group are common in our games lol)

ill work on this now :slight_smile:

Here is the update, the realism is alive :slight_smile:

Haha, cool to replicate an actual game :slight_smile:
I forgot to mention (I’m a fan of this game too :D), you can’t have 1 house on a street, and 3 for the other of the same group (the dark blues). You can only have 1 more house than the other street. But if it’s an actual game, then somebody cheated :stuck_out_tongue: (although it didn’t prove to be efficient ^^)

For the rounded corners, that’s not exactly what I meant. Look at the green marks : those borders

It seems you changed the board texture, but now there is a little shift between its lines and those underneath, as if you had 2 textures (it’s visible between the green streets and the red border)

Last little thing : The new texture changes the way the coffee stain appears, now you have a light part of it that looks strange. I think the coffee would only make darker stains.

You’re almost done :stuck_out_tongue: (And the chance and community chest cards are missing ^^)

dammit my webpage keeps freezing and losing all my messages ;(


  • the extra house was accepted by me during my opponents last turn as i was approaching the dark blues :stuck_out_tongue:
  • the rounded corners have been re-fixed
  • the texture i took myself as i couldnt find a good image online
  • there was a slight mistake made in PSD that led to the edge seeming like it had another texture below it. fixed.
  • coffee texture changed and a quick colour match in PSD

now for the chance/community chest cards, money, player pieces and dice :slight_smile:

(1920x1080 render at 250 samples)

It’s looking very good now :slight_smile: I don’t see anything to critique haha… Maybe the board is a bit too flat now ? ^^

im gonna give it a basic environment and start working on the extra game pieces

im somewhat confused by it looking too flat?

okay this is it for tonight, added chances, the iron playing piece, a table, thickened the game board…

Next update, added the top hat playing piece, another set of cards, the dice


This is coming along nicely. Now the board is amazing and pretty realistic, but the cards are too saturated and should be a bit worn as well.
The table is too distracting imho, try to turn down the bump a bit or try a different texture with less detail.
But yeah, Great stuff!