Monster stuff

I don’t know why, but I laughed when I seen these! I love simple designs, and I love bizzar stuff (although this is a little mild for my taste). I wonder if I should buy one. I like the Blue Boy the most. - monzarts Octosplat Series - monzarts Blue Boy Series - monzarts Toe Toe Series

Yuck, looks pretty stupid imho.
I must of taken him, what, 2 minutes to do each?
I’ll stick with real shirts thank you…

Well, ValarKing, I think that they are beautiful peices of art …

Ok, who am I fooling? I was really just curious about how the whole CafePress thing works, so I created a few junk designs to experiment with. They are pretty stupid. I didn’t expect anyone to want to buy any of these, but later I might try to create better stuff that hopefully wouldn’t be nearly as cheep.

By the way, I quickly doodled about twenty monsters in only an hour … so it was more like three minutes to draw this :D. Surprisingly, there are actually a few of the monsters that I really do like, but they obviously need some spiffing up.

LOL You were pushing your own stuff on us. Ahhhh.

I think being direct would have been more effective.

Well, I was actually a little hesitant to associate my name to those products! I mean, would you admit to making things like those? Shameful. Some of the comments on the products are pretty random though. I think I lost my sanity somewhere…

Quotes from products:
Cream of corn soup. How 'bout them there bug skums?

Creep along in this Toe Toe Creeper. Babies think he’s adorable! Ask one and he would say, “Yes, mother dearist. I find that Toe Toe creature to be most intellectually stimulating.”

Eat and be fat. Fat people are happy … some of them.

Who loves lunch better than this Blue Boy? YOU DO, THAT’S WHO! Eat, eat, eat to your hearts content – unless you have a heart attack. Stuff this box full of cauliflower!

Pin on a blue squiggly smile-o-rama! BINGO! Jam-a-slam cool daddy.

Why don’t you tell Blue Boy all your dirty, little, embarrassing secrets. YOU CAN TRUST THIS GUY! He wears shoes.

Keep it lively, keep it great. Keep it in the bottom of the jelly jar.

Octosplat on your back! Shrinkwrap, baby! I know what who’s talk’n 'bout?

Hey pretty lady. Why don’t you come over to my underwater cave for a little suction cup tenticle action … bloop!

Let me know what you find out about Cafe Press. Is it really free??? What’s the catch?

as far as I’ve been able to tell, and from my friend who actually has a palce on it… it’s free. i got a spot there but I haven’t gotten around to doing anything about it haha