monster thingy wip(updated)

I got bored and couldn’t sleep so I made a monster type thing, suggestions, comments…

(I still need to weld parts of him together)
top half half

his face looks a bit funny.

and i don’t know about his clothes perhaps raggedy sacking material or somthing.

do you use nurbs to get the shapes ive never really tried anything but meshes to model stuff. kinda makes it hard

i think i’ll go and try nurbs right now

see ya!!!

off to model more space ships (with nurbs now)

The body was made with a nurbs curve, I deleted one side of the curve after I converted it to a mesh, then just extruded away. The head was made out a surface (sphere). I’m still working on the head, it doesn’t seem round enough or something. And I made all the meshes subsurf.

Oh and the top is ‘supposed’ to be armor :wink: , still working on getting it to look right. I’m thinking about adding some spikes or something.

Close up of the head

The eyes would be lower…

Can we see larger image of body.

Funny model :smiley: