Monster WIP

hey whats up. ive been working on this for a while, and have redone it twice so far. i have some questions on how to do some stuff with it, so ill ask like its no problem.

alright, so heres what i have.

coming along awesomely, i know. but i have some problems. first off, how would i go about adding gums? would i have to sculpt them on? or model them, then merge the meshes? second, how do you UV unwrap? ive seen tutorials, but i always mess it up some how. and lastly, once i finish the model, i need some help added bones. ive posted here previously about the same problem, and have yet to fix it, nor know how.


Good job, here’s a quick tute on UV unwrapping (scroll down to see it). Also, for the bones, i.e., the armature check out this part of the animation tute from BSoD. Its pretty long, but simple, so dont get disheartened!