Monster Zombie of some sort

I trust the people of BA with crits which is why I posted this Zbrush WIP here. I have only used Blender, but have had Zbrush for about a year now and never used it…got too addicted to Blender :slight_smile: In any case, I hope you don’t hate me for putting up a model that was not created in Blender and I would appreciate some crits as this is still a WIP.


Freaky, freaky indeed :slight_smile:

omg i like it
you can use more OSA to quit that pixelated thing on his shoulders and teeth

So I’ve decided to pull my model into Blender. I took the low poly head of my Zombie and got the texture coordinates of it and flipped them in Paint. Whare are the controls I should use because I am pretty sure I am close because the big dent he had in his head shows on the normal map in the correct place - my question being: why does it look the way it does?
Anything helps, thanks!


Why’d you flip the thing?

It’s really good, but it needs a lot of blood, especially where that knocked in part is and near the mouth. I’d suggest to do something with the eyes to make them even more asymmetrical. Maybe one is melting sorta and the other is staring you down. That would be creepy.

Yea, but why does the normal map look the way it does?