Monstertruck Freestyle-Game

Hey Guys,
i’m finally finished with my current Game Project “MassiveTrucks”!:smiley:

In the game you can drive massive MonsterTrucks and perform Stunts to get the highest Score.[INDENT]

[/INDENT]You can Download it here for free! But Attention only works with Blender 2.49!!! Please tell me about all problems and stuff.

Just a few Screenshots

I wanna play this so bad :frowning: I have 2.5 but as you said it doesnt work, I tried anyway but as soon as it starts the wheels fall off and I cant move :frowning:

Yes thats right :frowning: I’m sorry! But you could also install different versions of blender…

THATS AWESOME!!! keep working on this i think its awesome!
i know you probably thought of this, but i think it could benefit more modes, such as race, free roam(freestyle with no time limit) . also i think it would be cool to do a damage system for the monster truck, like if you hit the ground hard enough(along with a random factor) it would take a wheel off. just my thoughts

My computer blows so I can’t play it :no:… but from the video it looks looks like a lot of fun. :yes:

Thanks for your comments!
@ kendrick yes you’re right the modes you said would be awesome and i already thought about creating this but at the moment i don’t have more time for that. But when i’m continueing working i will add these features!!! :wink:

I just uploaded another gameplay video and updated some parts of the game and the download-link!

This game is Great!!!

One small thing you can do is make the Truck come down faster.
For instance when your riding on 3 wheels, it look like its taking forever to go down again.

But great game, Best one i’ve seen yet!

Thumps Up!!!

Thank you! Yes you`re absolutely right but the thing is that the whole world is very big and gravitiy is already at 25 (the maximum)! I tried a lot of times to scale it down but then the problem is that it deosn’t drive like a monster truck anymore!

@nickdiesel - You must have been using Blender 2.49. In 2.5, you can set the gravity to be as high as you need (up to 10000).

Yes I’ve been using 2.49 for this game! I guess there is no other fix for 2.49 like an addon or a trick maybe?

I believe the python function that allows you to set the gravity in 2.49 allows you to set as high a value as needed, try using that in an initialization script.

The game mechanics itself look well done (Judging from the video), though I do wish to see an area that’s not so much a normal stadium environment as well as being a bit bigger.

Make a Police Chase through a Skyscraper City where you have to escape usin’ a Monster Truck, flattenin’ everything that stands in your Way!:cool:/:RocknRoll:

Besides, how about applying permanently growing global Z-Velocity while the Truck is not grounded. That Way you can achieve lil’ Jumps as well as it will crash down again very fast. Worked for my Platformer. ;}

With C.A. ligari’s comment, the growing z-velocity, your truck won’t be a hammer—it’ll be a low-orbit ballistic missile!

Nice work! Even more, you could easily deform the cars when flattened–shape keys are easy in 2.49.

@Ace Dragon Thanks alot the python way worked
The Idea of the Police Chase is really nice but at the moment i am working on a few other projects and the framerate will be at about 10 then :frowning:
I think I really have to use shape keys never used them before…

Here is a new Video please tell me about the gravity (too high / too low)

If You want it earth like, gravity should correspond with Your model scale. If x bu is 1m the gravity should be x * 9.81.

Are you putting this on bGame? :smiley:

Maybe I will :smiley:
but i will do some more updates and extensions first :wink:

nickdiesel firstly nice game, I do like it… :wink:

as for some small crits the game seems to have a really slow frame rate comparatively with other games of the same graphic quality, did you use multi or glsl? also there were some points were i turned upside down and had to start over that with 9 frames per second was really agonizing… :stuck_out_tongue: sorry