MontageStudio - Escape Velocity

Hey guys,

I’m slowly starting to write/create an animated short movie that will be called “Escape Velocity” (let say it’s a working title for now…)

I’m not saying much for now, but it will include somekind of dragster car and a sci-fi race-track and other crazy environnement.

Here’s what I started yesterday night,

That is really cool looking, makes me look forward to seeing more from this project.

Damn that is awesome! Only thing I don’t like is the exhaust pipes there on the side, they seem like they’d blow smoke into the driver.

Wow wow wow !! This is gonna be awesome!!

well been a while, but the project still goes on in my head :spin:

started texturing the thing. Very basic at the moment
More to come…as it comes…really don’t know how long this project will take haha.

ps: might be a bit dark depending on your monitor setting (or mine actually)…I’ll try getting a better update soon.

Looks good. How many polys?

is this animated short related to your boat model in any way?

Maybe that keeps him alert :yes::eek::spin: or gives him that nice pleasant gasoline smell and burns


It’s very nice, as always ;). The design is really inspiring and interesting.

Good work, bravo :slight_smile:

I see the plan!

Keep at least one MontageStudio WIP on the first page at all times!

now you’re rumbled! :stuck_out_tongue:

Still looking very nice though, I really like the texturing on the suspension, the inner section on the rear wheel looks a bit plain though.

Dang, this thing is ready for the F1 like months ahead of time! :eyebrowlift:

Or late by a few… :slight_smile:
I rather like the colour scheme in progress - I don’t use purple that much but that thing looks mean.

Here’s what I started yesterday night,

huh? all those modeling in a night? whoah! that’s what i call speedmodeling! :smiley:

You should see this guy model live, it’s crazy!

You should see this guy model live, it’s crazy!

@mr_bomb: oh! i’d be very much willing to learn from him! have any link to his videotutorials?

I said that as I’ve watched him model live at the Montreal Blender Conference. However, you can check out a timelapse of his on our Montage Studio channel here:

thanks for the comments everyone :smiley:
probably will have an update by tomorrow.

Jeepster, nop this is completly different.

about the polies, hmm didn’t check but a few hundred thousands…mostly because of the subsurf on the wheels. the threads and inner section takes a bunch of polies :o

the model itself is quite ‘low poly’ is we don’t take subsurf into account.

no pipes. go electric. the pipes ruin the flow, imho.

Keep the pipes, change the texture - the original colour looks nice - how about a brushed or burnished aluminium look?

not much of an update, more like I did test, and ended up doing a render:

Still need to fix the front suspension model&texture, redo the texturing with some cleaner flames (or at least, better positionning of the texture on the unwrap) and cook some a scene for a promotionnal poster :cool: