Monthly Wallpaper Challenge (8/2010) - {VOTING CLOSED - WINNER ANNOUNCED}

Here are the entries for this month’s Monthly Wallpaper Challenge.
Vote for the image you think would best be suited as a wallpaper (aka: desktop background)




John AM:


Non Participating entry
greg zaal (ME!)
wallpaper options:

Please note the changes in some rules in this month’s challenge - like that you can only submit something you worked on during the course of that month.

This is real tough, they’re all so awesome :smiley: But I think Excursion is the one that I like most, it’s just funny in some way, I like it

Remember, voting ends next Wednesday at 14:24.

I’m dying to enter the next one :smiley: Also does the project have to be from scratch?

Heres the next months thread:

Read the rules carefully, you have to make your entries content during that month. You may not use old models/anything else that you made before this next monthly contest began (Nothing before 15 Sept).
Everything must be from scratch and made by you.

If you have any other questins regarding next months contest, ask it on it’s thread (the link I posted earlier)

Thanks! it is kinda ‘funny in some way’ :yes: i think it might be my alien guy’s face. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ah cool thanks, I’ll check out the next competition now

His expression XD

yeah, i didn’t have time to rig hes face so i just left it in it’s default shape. it kinda looks like he’s smart enough to fly a ship, but other then that he’s kinda dumb. :confused:

Congrats Jakerlund!
Winner with 52% of the votes.
You can find the wallpaper here: