Moon Flyby

First Blender animation.

Hey TBH,
I would suggest getting rid of the star particles because there are no stars that close to the moon (you’re going to have to travel a bit further than the moon to find the nearest star).
The moon texture could use a bit more work, but other than that - the camera movement is nice and a great start! Keep it up.

I know there are no stars that close to the Moon. I’ve used Celestia. (Totally unrelated astronomy trivia: The nearest star to the Sun is a red dwarf called Proxima Centauri) I had no idea there would be parallax between adjacent stars if I animated, I only discovered that little quirk of Blender’s starfield system after I’d rendered the animation. I’ll try again with this with the stars pushed back farther. I had no motion blur enabled in Blender (I couldn’t find that option in any of the menus or boxes) and instead used VirtualDub effects in post.

You also can use a stars image as material on a cylinder (or a sphere).

I am also searching about this theory, that how much reality does stars having?

You may be interested in ValterVB’s threads on creating a very detailed moon surface: