Moonlit Murder

So, Ive been working on this scene for a few days now… I like what Ive done with it, Ive already learned alot. So… here it is let me know what you think… where it could improve. Where it’s good… Im hoping to add a person in later, But I haven’t gotten that far.

Okay, heres my suggestions.

  1. Texture the book to give the illusion of many pages. That would add more realism to the scene
  2. Candle looks nice and I like the flame. Maybe try adding a thin trail of smoke above it?
  3. The cross looks, well, non-metally. Make it reflective, fiddle the settings etc
  4. I’m not really sure what the object on the left is…

Keep blending!

I agree,
a page texture on the side would go a long way for realism. and I will attempt to UV that in a few days.

I used a set up of 4 area lights pointed away from the flame, to light the scene, but with that Ive had a very hard time lighting the candle area, Im still expierimenting with methods to make it look better. (Although yesterday I spent a very long time figuring out the moon light. It is actually 2 lights right on top of eachother, one with only halo, no diffuse and no specular, and the other to cast the actual light on the table.

The object on the left is my best attempt at a quill pen, it actually looks decent in a brighter scene, but it looks bad here. It is made with static paricles and halos…

The scene is so-dang-dark that I virtually cannot see it at all.

Yeah, Ive gotta fix the brightness (or lack thereof)… I realized it was too dark when I was looking at it on another monitor today.