Mooring Mast Cardington


Here follows the first rendering of a scene I’m doing called “Cardington Mooring Mast”. The tower itself is almost done. Other buildings, scene objects and detailed tower are to come.

The story, my excerpt from wikipedia: A mooring mast is a structure designed to allow for the docking of an airship outside of an hangar. It is a tower that contains a fitting on its top that allows for the bow of the airship to attach its mooring line to the structure. When it is not necessary or convenient to put an airship into its hangar (or shed) between flights, airships can be moored on the surface of land or water, in the air to one or more wires, or to a mooring mast, avoiding considerable manhandling.
The existing type of mast consists of a steel structure 200 feet high, fitted with a receiving arm at the top to which the airship is anchored. The structure is built to withstand the pull of the airship up to 30 tons in any direction, in addition to a wind force on the structure of 30 lbs. per square foot. Mains for hydrogen, water and fuel run up the mast for the replenishment of the ship, and are joined to similar mains in the ship by flexible connections. The mast should be sited in such a position that an airship arriving or departing does not have to fly over the shed or other high buildings. and in any case these should be at least 800 to 1,000 yards away.

Links for blueprints: Elevation, and Houses


Nice job! Beautiful modeling there.


Ampace: thanks for the comments!

Continuing this wip, a rendering now showing the service houses first approach.

Going forward, now the ground becomes to take shape, and the first car added to scene, in fact a military truck shown in my thread ZI5-S.

Next to come in this scene: other vintage cars like a Rolls Royce Limousine, a Ford Model T and the LZ-127 Zeppelin docking in the mast.

This is a really fascinating subject. I really like the manner in which you have modeled the steal structure. I’m hoping to see a zeppelin soon. Keep up the good work.

Some tower and service houses details, and 1st view with Zeppelin added!

Thanks for the feedback.

You have managed to make a real nice scene. The zep, tower, buildings, cars and background really work together.

May I suggest using particles to generate some grass in the for ground. I think it would improve the image.

that’s a lot of good modeling :slight_smile:

Gotreh and Spacetug:

Many thanks for the kindly comments and suggestions.

I’m working on the ground finishing and when arriving at a reasonable result I will put here new images, of course.

Hello kxlexk !
Brillant work that you have done from the original pictures !
I would like to know if you are weeling to share you 3D with me ?
If yes, Would it be possible to have your file in OBJ , STEP, or 3DM ?

Thank you very much for your answer !

Best regards,