Mooshrooms at Sea (Weekly Artwork: 120)

AWC: 120 “Mooshrooms at Sea”

I always wanted to make this one ever since I started doing these little islands, As a guy who grew up with Minecraft I would spend hours on servers and playing with friends, and every time I came across a mushroom biome I would laugh and say “how does this work?!?!” and I just always found mooshrooms funny. but here it is! I hope you guys like!!

Here’s some behind the scene’s:
▼ AO Pass:

▼ Comparison between render and final:

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Don’t get to high!

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Bro this is so dope! The water shader is amazing. What nodes did you use


How sea! Such mushrooms!

The cows scare me tho ngl.


Their mooshrooms! How are they scary! Their cute :rofl:

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Actually super simple stuff, principled BSDF tuned into a water shader I also brought the alpha a tiny bit down.

I wouldn’t go for this approach for a great water shader because alot of what makes the shader great is done in post

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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