MORAY OpenSource?

(sorry, it’s should me moved in “other software”… my mistake…)

This is good news! I’m glad to see that development will continue on that software. I enjoyed using it (prior to getting hooked on Blender when it went OS) and hope good things come from this move. (Should have been done 3 years ago, IMO, tho!)

I tried to learn POVRay and Moray before discovering Blender. Back then I mainly used Truespace, which has a lot in common with Blender. Perhaps I’m mistaken in my impression, but I thought POV and the various GUIs available were confusing and there wasn’t a focused web community back in the day. To be fair, I would not have been able to learn Blender if not for seeing other people discuss the program on this site.

I haven’t loaded a version of any POV based software in ~6 or 7 years. What features does an open source POV have to offer to Blender (should their code licenses be compatible).


Moray looked like a cool program, something a bit more Max-ish(since I’m learning Max).
If only I had more time to learn(Blender, Moray), you can NEVER have too much time on your hands I guess…

Moray probably the first modelling software I have used some 10+ years ago. I quiet like it as I wasn’t enjoying hand coding pov file. It great that Moray has finally open up I do hope there is something good from moray that could be learned by blender developer. They had spent a year of preparation and teaching to povray developer before finally open the source!
I know I would look further into moray :slight_smile:

Does anyone know the status of Moray?

I checked the website again today and it seems pretty much the same, guess the developers don’t have time for it or something.

It’s nice to see it become open source! Moray was my first graphical modeller ~7 years ago, and I almost registered my copy - but then I stumbled across Blender and bought the 2.0 guide instead :wink:
I still think POV was a nice start into 3d, editing scenes in a text editor with CSG really helps to understand how complex models are built from more simple parts.

Further announcements at the POV-Ray site. At the beginning of this month they posted a valid registration code there for the current Moray version.

Heh…wow the main interface really looks like a 3ds max clone…wtf…
when i last tried it, it couldn’t do much more than placing some primitives in a crappy wireframe viewport. Oh yea, and it ran on DOS, just like 3d studio 4, so that must’ve been a while ago :smiley: