SO, here’s my final render of my Barad-Dur Tower(hope you like it…):

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Nifty. How are you doing the eye? Just a mesh with an emission value? Have you thought of using the smoke sim and some funky forcefields to get the windswept flame look from the movie? The way you’ve got it looks good at a small preview size, but at full size it looks a bit plain. The tower itself looks good, but I think the glossy setting on your stone material is just a hair off. Can’t decide of it’s the roughness or the value though. I’d try adjusting roughness first.

If you know a way of getting the smoke simulator to work like that(by the way, I’ll have to do it in Blender Internal and combine it to cycles and my computer is just s**t…)? And by the way, this is the first time I use Cycles Materials, so I’am still learning… Anyway, the advice is appreciated…

Looks good for the first time using cycles.:yes:I don’t know but something is missing from the scene.:spin:

“For the first time”?

For the first time using cycles.

Oh, thank you…

No need to thank me.

No, I was just kind of spitballing an idea. The Eye in the movie looks like flame coming from around the pupil, getting blown back toward the edge of the eye shape. The only way to get flame from the smoke sim to do that is with force fields, as far as I know. Using something like the techniques used here, I’d guess: I haven’t played with it enough to know anything other than that, I guess start here and see what happens!