More 2D: an attempt at Acting

Another attempt at 2D/traditional - probably the last one for a while, other projects are waiting.

Trying more acting in animation is on my agenda for some time now. So I picked a page from my unfinished, put-on-hold comic project and tried to make the characters move - krita, pen & brain/imagination again: Nerog gets his response for mansplaining Nala & Morm … “you’re our hero, our savior” :slight_smile:

Again, I just went for it. And it was fun again. Bypass all the technical stuff, not to have to build stuff, vertex by vertex, bother with rigs and their flaws, f-curves and stuff. Draw all the flaws immediately instead. :slight_smile:



Wow, you’re really good at this! This is beautiful work!

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Thank you!