More Blendermania Tutorials are up

(IngieBee) #1

The most important one is Geno Ruffalo’s texturing tutorial which gives instructions on bump maps, alpha channels, and spectacularity. Really a good’un

Look for :

Using Bump, Specular, & Alpha Mask Image Map Textures

Solar Systems for Beginners

and I fixed the missing pics (I hope) in:

Material Indices / 2 Bump Maps on one Object

Hope you enjoy, just go here and find these and others:

OMG I should have been in bed 4 hours ago, geez, good nite all
Love Ingie

(pofo) #2

As always, thanks alot Ingie. I really appreciate it.

  1. pofo

(CurtisS) #3

You’re cool!! :smiley: :smiley:

(mthoenes) #4


I saw on your site that you have 3 kids, I do as well, (6,2 & 1 yrs.) and know how it is to get most of your computer time in the wee hours of the night… Thanks for your persistence and dedication.


(IngieBee) #5

AW, your welcome ;o)

I’m glad to be of use. Hey, if a tutorial doesn’t work in 2.2X, please let me know, I’ll try to update eventually.

Also, Anyone know of a bmp to jpg converter? These download way to slow!’s system changes everything to bmp??

Thanks, love Ingie

(Ecks) #6

use paint!!! go in start menu—program—acessory—paint!
open the image and then save and choose in the menu .jpg!

(IngieBee) #7

Ugh, I don’t want to open each one and resave, I want to batch convert :-?

Besides, are you talking about mspaint, that comes with windowz? I don’t think it will save as anything else. I have gimp and old paint shop pro 5, but I don’t know of either doing batch jobs :frowning:

Thanks though, Love Ingie

(ray_theway) #8

You can batch convert with IrfanView. Just go to File and Batch Conversion.

Thanks for all the tutorials, too! :wink:

(xitnalta) #9

You could also take a look at .

Honestly, I only once had time to download some tutorials, but I’m sure I will appreciate them again when fetching some new ones :).


(kino) #10

try xnview for batch conversion it’s free

amazing good work 8) 8)



(stukkm) #11

i’m gonna have to go with ray_theway, irfanview is the only thing i’ll use it’s fantastic man.

(IngieBee) #12

Thank you for turning me on to the batch conversion tools, Joecool also showed me one. I’ll work on it soon, in the mean time, sorry for the long wait on those downloads :-? :stuck_out_tongue:

Love Ingie