More brazilian Commercial

I have updated my vimeo with more two commercials that i worked using Blender.

The two commercials are old… actually I working in another one with Blender. I will post here soon…

Theres another one Blender commercial…

Sorry if I’m boring you with updates, updates and updates of my vimeo… But… I just want some feedback…

thing is, there is not lot to say… or whatever crits i would have, would be just because of different cultures… these are very professional works…

my favourite is the flying stars… i love the look.


I’m still new to blender… well and your commercials are really good looking, although i didn’t understand a single word.
This commercial for “Davis Cup : Brazil vs. Canada” is really interesting for me (as a newbie). How did you do that with those flying stars and leafs leaving a trail ?
I tried to do the same effect:
I used the standard cube an add a path. I add constraint “follow path” to the cube and used “follow curve”. Then I used “DupliFrames” … but well, i didn’t get any good results, and in this case i only get still images - no animated “trail”.
Then I tried another way. Again I used the standard cube and a path. This time I grabed one side of the cube moved this along an axis so the cube becomes a long bar. I subdivided this bar alot. With this bar I add the same constraint as above. Additionally I used CurveModifier (with the path as modifier) to that bar. The Result looks good. BUT with the CurveModifier it is quiet hard to control an exact movement.
So, can you please give me a hint (or more) on how you did that trail to the stars and leafs in your commercial?

no need to answer anymore.
i found what i was looking for, here:

great board!

As you wish, here is the file that explain what I did in the commercial. It’s pure curve deform, nothing more. Just make the Curve, select your model and select your Curve and hit “Ctrl+P” then use the option “Curve Deform”, select your model go to the modifier stack press “Make Real” on the curve modifier and adjust the axis options… and finaly move your model in the axis specified only!


CurveDeform.blend (144 KB)

sexy. that stuff is really cool :smiley: Agreed on the coolness that one about the davis cup. Canada vs…???

Your work is awesome! I really love to see people using it to do professional work. Thank you for sharing the file as well. Good luck with your current projects!

Very cool! I don’t know any Portugese, but it’s still exciting to see Blender used for real pro work in the commercial world instead of nerdy projects (which are still cool). Those commercials looked very good.

Thank you!
I will redo this soon.