More Fluid Particles (10mil, 12mil, failed 15mil) & other stuff.

Hello everybody,
it’s been some time since I have posted anything here. So I decided to make a new post here and share what I have been up to.

I post them here in the Blender Tests forum because most of them are just playing around with stuff, some could be considered full projects but I just make this one thread instead of multiple ones. This will include some old stuff but I didn’t post those here so why not.

Let’s get started, ordered old to new stuff.
So after my fairly popular 10.000.000 Particle Video in 2012 I made a remake of that about a year ago. Before that I had about 2 years of no content simply due to having no ideas.

It was a test to experiment with the cubesurface addon but it failed. More to that in the video description.

5 months after that I tried to combine some particles with Audio Visualization and this video was created.

Effect on the high notes (right side) was not that great and there are some errors but the more pronounced changes in the music come across well.

Another almost half a year of no ideas and Undertale came along. Got the idea for a new audio visualization.

Plan was to also add the main song after this one, “Asgore”, but I couldn’t make it as interesting.
This simulation also made for some nice wallpaper so I created two, one with a normal camera view and one in orthographic view.

About two weeks ago I decided to top my 10mil simulation and went with 15mil, 2x 7.5 to be exact. Sadly this failed for some unknown reasons. One day when I wanted to continue the baking it just stopped after it has done one frame.

I didn’t want it to go to waste so I rendered it out, even though it only had 7.8mil at the last frame.

To end this long post I want to present my current WIP project, 12.000.000 particles. After the failed 15mil I wanted to try it again and got another idea. The scene is 6 emitter with each system having 2mil particles.
The baking is already done, took 78.97hours (3.29days) and the cache is about 140GB big. I want to go all out so this one is actually done in 60fps so I can include a 30fps slow motion.

This is a speedup version of the stream I did where I set up the scene. It has 2 frames at the end which show how it will look like.
It is currently rendering but that won’t be done any time soon (11min per frame @ 4K resolution on a i7 3930K).
It will also include more than just one shot, so this one will take some time to finish rendering.

Thats all. Thanks for watching.

Good work, I really like your fluid particles simulations. You should try rendering with Cycles’ point density textures, just for a frame or two. I would be interested in seeing what that would look like.