More help with Armatures

It doesn’t seem to matter how much “weight” I give any one vertex. All the vertecies are either ON or OFF. Why?

the correct method for weight painting is this:
1st- do all making of vertex groups, parenting, etc.
2nd- select the Vgroup that you want to paint, and >>in the vertex group buttons<<, adjust the weight to where you want it.
3rd- Now paint.

4th- back in the vertex group buttons, select the next group, set the weight,…and paint.

etc etc, until you have weight painted all the groups that need painting.

If a vertex is assigned to only one bone it doesn’t matter what the weight it, it will have full weight on that bone. The weight is basically a ratio, so you need to have it assigned to another armature aswell. Having 0.25 on one armature, and 0.75 on the next armature means that the first armature has 1/4 influence on the vertex and the second armature has 3/4. If you do 0.25 on one armature that is essentially 0.25/0.25 meaning which equals 1, meaning full influence.

Hope I explained that well enough.

Thanks. I think that explains some things. :wink: