More "No Deal" Brexit fun

Please don’t take offence if you think Brexit is a fantastic idea. Instead make some Blender art showing how amazing everything is going to be on 1st November 2019 :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s the “politics” out the way. I just fancied creating another tongue-in-cheek set of images with fake products and packaging. I would have liked to have created a few more variations on the cardboard boxes and perhaps some damaged and bashed cans, but something else has come up and I decided just to render these out as is.

I tried just a wee bit of chromatic aberration on a couple of the images. Not sure about that.


Quality aside- which, by the way, this is absolutely lovely work and your detail level is remarkable- this is great :slight_smile: I love it!

The texturing on the cardboard is blowing my mind. I’ve never seen anything so ugly and so incredibly beautifully realistic combined before.


I can’t take all the credit for the cardboard. It was a sbsar I found on Substance Share which I built on top of. Stuff like the pressed down rings where cans have sat was modeled though and helps sell it a bit more.


I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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The metal shader of the shelves is really beautiful.


Yeah, the shelf’s metal shader’s quite nice. @JohnMalcolm1970 , do you mind sharing it?

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There’s not a lot to it. It’s simply a Principled Shader with one roughness map. It’s from Poliigon and happens to be one of the ones you can get for free there - although I have bought credit packs and downloaded paid stuff from them as well. The surface imperfections stuff is amazing for getting quick results like this.

The semi-transparent plastic that covers up many of the shelf labels on the front of each shelf is similarly simple but in that case I used fingerprint smudge type textures from the same source.


You’re #featured! :+1:

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TAKIN ARE CUNTRY BACK! :slight_smile:


I love how the Euro price is waaaaay cheaper than the pound price. Lovely touch :laughing:


very very nice and realistic. The surface imperfections on the metal shelf, the price bar and cardboard are incredible.

The graphics of the ticket prices, can labels are very well done and true to life as well.

My only criticism would be that you didn’t follow the surface imperfections through to the actual cans. In real life, even those cans would have imperfections on the metal and some of the labels would be torn and a little amount of rust. Not all the cans would be perfectly straight, they would be squashed and bent a little, even if they came out of the box new. If the cardboard is going ot be messy, so will the cans…

Also the bars that hold the shelves together require the same imperfections of rust, scratches, maybe a lil bent…

I know you are probably already aware of this and it probably took you a really long time anyway so you’re overwhelmed as hell, you did an absolutely high level job regardless, you can hone in on the details forever…

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