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(VelikM) #1

I went for a bike ride yesterday (6/15/02) and took some pictures along the way. the location is Eklutna lake state park, a really pretty area.
It was a good thing I took sun block :smiley:

(fullback) #2

Sure is beautiful up there.

What do you do when you stumble upon Momma Grizzly and her youngsters? Do you have any “No Bear” spray, or are you going to play Lance Armstrong for a bit until she gives up? :smiley:

(rogerm3d) #3

Very beautiful area.

(VelikM) #4

Put on clean shorts!
Last time I was up there, about two weeks ago, a hiker was charged by Momma Grizzly with cubs, Grizzlys normally do a false charge which was the case with the hiker. Very few people get killed by Grizzlys here, Black bear are much more likely to kill and eat someone, as has happened on quite a number of occasions over the years, than Grizzlys, most of the people that have been killed by Grizzlys have stumbled on their moose kills and have been killed by the bear protecting it’s food. In Anchorage there have been more people killed by Moose than bear.
The general wisdom concerning bears and being attacked is: Grizzlys you go fetal and lock your hands behind your head, they tend to kill by grabbing the back of the skull and crushing it, or grabbing the face, most people that have been mauled by Grizzlys have had their faces ripped off, it ain’t pretty, Grizzlys are so powerful there isn’t much chance of fighting. Would you fight with the neighbors VolksWagon? Black bear on the other hand generally eat their victims, starting while they’re still screaming, so fight fight fight and hope you’re to much trouble to bother with.
Personally I normally carry a gun and try not to act like prey.

(gargola) #5

Wow! it is beautiful there!!! :stuck_out_tongue: