More pictures, trip to Whittier.

(VelikM) #1

I went paddeling in Whittier several weeks ago and finally got the pictures posted. Whittier is in Prince William sound, of Exxon Valdez fame (big oil spill), it’s a very beautiful place.
The trip into Whittier takes you through a mountain, you drive on the railroad tracks through a railroad tunnel (2 1/2 miles).

(Timonides) #2

Hello VelikM!!!

Very good pictures!!! I envy you. You live in a very awsome place…
All that nature… and the snowwwww!!!

I like snow. It rarely snows where I live… More like every 2-5 years!!! :-?

Even Christmass is like a party in the Sahara desert!!! :frowning:

I miss snow… :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:


(VelikM) #3

I like snow too, the first month of snow isn’t to bad, your getting use to it again, the second, third and fourth months aren’t bad with skiing and the other winter sports, fifth and sixth months…well, it’s starting to drag a bit, seventh month, arrrrrggggggggggg, you’re ready for it to go away, far far away and you start to pray for global warming :wink:
The town of Whittier gets snow, 40+ feet a year and thats at sea level.
The pictures I’ve seen of Greece make it look like a beautiful country, with a lot of history, which it does have lots of history.

(paradox) #4

Thanks for sharing. Great pictures. I really like looking at all the pictures you take of Alaska. Keep it up it is nice to see an area of the world I haven’t had a chance to visit. As for snow I was raised in the desert and while snow is cool looking it is cold, wet, yucky stuff that I have never gotten used too. So figures I’m living in Utah ha ha.


(Timonides) #5

Well, we have the same problem, here (only in the opposite direction)…

There is too much sun here!!!

The first month is o.k. and also the second…

After that it’s getting boring…

Too much sun makes as all crazy…

History??? Yes we’ve got plenty of it… But only history… The future scares me!!!

I got to go, talk to 'ya later…