More questions.

It seems that I am limited in images that I can include in a post… so here’s some follow up questions.:confused:
On modeling…

Can a set of images like this:
Be displayed in Blender?

When I import an Illustrator vector image I get:

What are all the angled lines?


Is there a way to rotate around an object by holding down the mouse button like Carrara can?

How do you zoom in on a certain spot? When I use the mouse scroll wheel, it only zooms into the center of the drawing plane and I cannot move the object to see the spot I want to zoom to.

That’s probable enough questions for now.
Thanks in advance.


The sets of images, yes

The angled lines are the curve normals, you can turn them off in the display properties (N for properties window and look under the Curve Display settings while in edit mode)

Numpad . key zooms to the selected object

Look at the top of this forum window and under ‘New to Blender?’ select ‘Getting Started’ to show you the basics of navigation.

Thanks for your reply.

The sets of images, yes


Look at the top of this forum window and under ‘New to Blender?’ select ‘Getting Started’ to show you the basics of navigation.

I am on a Mac and I noticed that some things are not quite right in terms f instructions I get from the web.
For example the fF12 key is hard wired to increase the volume and cannot be used to take a render preview.

Thanks in advance.

Also take note of the image planes add-on, which makes it easier to import images as image planes.

And if you are working on a mac: purchase/borrow/ask someone for a three-button mouse. The mac mouse is a horrible thing, and working without a middle mouse button in Blender is very inconvenient.

In addition, turn off those system-wide shortcut keys that interfere with Blender, Photoshop, and so on, in the system prefs. Or change the shortcuts.

<br> <br>For a great introduction, try <br><br>

A better method is to use empties instead of image planes

Wasn’t aware of that one - always something new to learn! Thanks Ldh.

Thanks for the answers.
More questions :slight_smile:

I want to delete a vertice (line). Hitting X brings up the menu for deleteing.
I have tried all the options and it always deletes faces. Is there a way to delete the vertices without deleting the faces?

When I use the “B” key to select using a window it will not select all the vertices/points/faces I want.
Sometime it only selects half of what I want and sometimes less than that.

Is there a way to “erase” a dot I accidentally made with the grease pencil? Can grease pencil be deactivated? I seem to draw by accident a lot…

In your example of the faces, if you want to remove that edge then select the two adjacent triangle faces and press F to make them into a quad
Note if you use blender 2.63 there are more tools to enable more control, including edge dissolve.
Delete grease pencil layer in properties panel (N) or erase with D+RMB
Select all by going to wireframe view (Z) or disable the limit selection to visible button on the 3d view header

OK, I am slowly getting there.
In the case of importing Illustrator SVG files:
I then want to extrude from the SVG but I cannot figure out how. Most tutorials use a 3D object to extrude from, not an SVG. The only other reference I found is to use "Go to ‘Object Data’ on the right panel > Geometry options > Extrude values

You can finally convert it to a mesh if you want, but i find it pretty ‘unclean’ when it comes to texture it.
But that does not seem to give me an editable object.

When importing an SVG it defaults to being flat on the horizontal plane. Is there a way to make it vertical in front or rear views?

Can you import more than on SVG and then connect them?

How do you add points on an object?
I need to draw a circle on an object in order to extrude from that circle.
Thanks in Advance.