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Dotblend in his post on radiosity and textures called for examples using his techniques. I posted a link to a page on my site showing an example test I did. But even though I am in the middle of another project I couldn’t resist and did 3 more tests. The scene is similar to the 1st one I did but I replaced one of the objects. There are 3 thumbnails click to view a larger picture. 1 is scene with only radiosity 2 is same scene but after the radiosity solution I added a low energy orange lamp in the middle of the lamp shade. 3 is the same but the energy higher.
3 views of the same scene to show possiblitys of radiosity and textures with the additon of a single colored light. Thanks Dotblend this technique has great possiblitys.


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looks great test !!

but the left lamp looks kind of flat in its material…

is that a coincidance ?

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Thanks Stonzy, are you talking about the top picture? The left lamp had more light coming directly above it using a circle emiter at the base of the shade that may have contributed to the flatness of the texture.
Thanks for pointing that out. These were simply tests to explore the use of textures with radiosity. I intend to further explore this area after I finish a couple of projects I’m working on. Maybe then I’ll do a more detailed model of the room.


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would be nice to hear then how you did it all…

right now I am in between inspirations…don’t know what to do, yet…

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that is really good, great textruing cept that flat shaded lamp =\ nice pics =D

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Thanks for the replys:
imgranpaboy: Thanks glad you liked the pics; as far as the flat lamp he he boo. Because it is not a real bump map and the angle of the light from the emiter above it it came out flat but I did some testing and found that if I create a gray scale bump map of the image texture and after the radiosity solution add a texture using the same empty and nor it looks alittle bit better. I may redo the picture later and do more tests after I do a couple more projects I’m working on. I’ll post a message on anything new I put up.

Stonzy, thanks too, and as to how I did it is best explained by Dotblend in this thread:
But briefly I did this: For each object with a separte texture I used an empty and attached the texture (image map) to the empty (Object - Name of Empty) Then did the radiosity solution, Collect Meshes , GO,
wait until done, Gather Meshes, Collect Meshes, Free Radio Data, Hit F12 and rendered. Hope this answers your questions. I believe in those pictures all my textures were image maps attached to an empty. I kept a lamp in the scene to adjust textures by size rotate empty then when satisfied removed lamp and did radiosity. I read Dotblends explanation and also downloaded his sample blend file to answer any questions I had.

Again thanks to Dotblend I love his technique, simple easy and effective.


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Nice renders.

But what about UV texture maps. Possible to use these with this technique? :-?


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rndrdbrian wrote:

But what about UV texture maps. Possible to use these with this technique?

Don’t know , good question. I suspect problems but UV texturing is not one of my strong points so maybe it could be aswered better by someone who knows more or if I get the time I could try it. Maybe you can try it and let us know

Paradox the not all knowing 8)

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Nice models and textures, hardness values look a little off, sorta plasticy.