More than 1 UV map?

I have a mesh that I have created seperate materials for. The idea is to create different UV files for the head, body and clothing. I cannot seem to get seperate UVs for each material. When I try to edit a different materials UV it just seem to have 1 UV for the entire mesh.
Is there a way to do this or a tutorial lying around?

If you do indeed have seperate materials assigned to the parts of the mesh, when in face mode, go into EDIT mode with the tab key. Go to EDIT menu, (F9), and then in the material indeces menu, select the material that you want and press the SELECT button. This will select all the verts/faces that are assigned to that material index.

TAB back to FACE mode and only the faces that you have selected above will be shown. Perform your unwrap.

Do this for all the material indexes on your mesh and all should be fine.