More Than Duty

If one more person complains about this game’s settings, I will request this thread to be closed and report the user for harassment ,Thank you

I am proud to present my latest game, More Than Duty.

You are an American Marine fighting a group of Terrorist Insurgents in Iraq.
I had a really fun time making this game. I hope you guys enjoy it too. . .

Gameplay Time for Newbies: 30 minutes
Gameplay Time for Pros: 15 minutes

In this game:

  • Tanks
  • Lots ‘o’ enemies(AK-74, RPD light machine gun, RPG)
  • Civilians
  • Airstrikes
  • Achievements
  • Bosses
  • And more. . .



Download: Download at Anicator’s bGame

Steps to play:

  • Download
  • Open sniper.exe
  • Extract files
  • Show extracted files
  • open sniper.exe

WASD - movement
Mouse Movement - look
LMB - fire and use airstrike
RMB - zoom
R - reload(clip is empty)
E - enter airstrike mode (only when near airstrike “radio”)


This game is amazing until I got the night vision scope when it became even better. Real nice job, it is pretty challenging (or I probably just suck at FPS games) but the only problem was when you are zoomed in and you move the scope kind of moves weirdly but other than that it was absolutely amazing.

but the only problem was when you are zoomed in and you move the scope kind of moves weirdly

That is the slow parent on the arms and gun. I don’t know how to make that change mid-game without a script. Thank you!

this game isn’t very good. I was unable to see where I was being attacked from. most FPS games have one side of the screen turn red or something so you can see where you are attacked from. I only had one weapon: a sniper rifle, whereas all the enemies have pinpoint-accurate assault rifles. It would also have been good to have some kind of training level in the beginning. also, whenever I moved the scope moved relative to me. I understand you used slow parent and can’t really get around that, but maybe using an IPO animation for walking or a script would have been better? also, GLSL was not used. I am not sure what date this game was made on, but GLSL shaders would have been nice.

My computer I made this on can’t handle GLSL(not even professional games). I would have if it could :\ I am not into the python scripting so I don’t know how to do the red flash(yet). As for their guns, they aren’t pin-point. They have an Ipo on them making them not so accurate. Blender can’t do everything. I made a game based off what I play. I serious gamer could own at this. And I am not talking about Call of Duty players. I mean Counter Strike: Source and America’s Army 3 players. I find a easy game is a boring game.

Maybe I could see one of yours and learn how to make it better. . . OH, that’s right. You don’t have any up. . . Shame.

This is an interesting game.
It appears that you have put some time and thought into it, and that i congratulate.
However, from my own experience making an FPS, i recommend that you do the following.
Add animations to the players, so that they don’t shoot with their arms outstretched.
Change the shooting system to use rays - physical objects slightly ruin the experience, if they move and 0.5 meters a second.
keep up the work, and you’ll surely see some success

I’m not exactly sure what you mean by that. Do you mean that Blender can’t do pin-point accuracy?

That’s fine - go with what you’re familiar with or like. However, just to let you know, Python appears to be easier to pick up and learn than UnrealScript. I’m also not sure if there are any GUI methods of coding like logic bricks.

While Kelyn was a bit brash, he gave constructive criticism and told you how the game could be improved. There’s no real reason to be rude.

a nice clone of COD. :smiley: lovin the gameplay.

The Pin-point thing doesn’t go with the “blender can’t do everything”. Unreal has nodes for all of its stuff, including materials.

Change the shooting system to use rays

Huh? What do you mean by that? The ray sensor?

And there were animations on the enemies, it is just they were facing you the whole time.

I don’t really like my work being insulted by a person who can’t show experience(or a newbe).
I made this game alone. I worked hard. And I get a person saying

this game isn’t very good.

How would you take someone crapping on your hard work?
I appreciate people saying it is good or fun. It gives a fuzzy feeling.

Yes, I understand, and I hope, too, to have a game that people say is fun. However, not everyone will like your game, no matter how good it is - that fact you should accept. Not everyone likes shooters, so you might get someone here who says that they don’t like the game. However, Kelyn did give constructive criticism, which you could use to better the game.

By ‘Unreal has nodes for all its stuff, including materials’, do you mean that Unreal uses nodes for graphical materials? That might be the case, but if your computer can’t handle GLSL, then I don’t think it could handle Unreal’s nodal materials, because they most likely are made with GLSL, as well. However, I don’t know anything about the UDK, so I could definitely be wrong on such matters.

If i recall, the majority of users in one of your threads thought that you were a “lazy noob”
Here proves to the contrary!
By animations, you don’t have very smooth shooting animations, or at least realistic. However, the best part is that you have a working FPS, which is better than most can say. If you relish a challenge, as i do, attempt to re-create the FPS, using the same code if you wish, but aim for graphical ‘superiority’ as i am doing at the moment!
Best of luck, agoose77

I agree I was a bit blunt in my earlier post, and I apologize.
I have in fact made a working FPS, but did not feel it was complete enough to post. I am currently learning advance python networking in order to make a room-based multiplayer game like UT3 or AVA. I’m not a noob.
actually, Blender can do everything. don’t take this the wrong way but the only limits to Blender are skill and imagination. and maybe CPU power :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m using a newer computer for the UDK.

Good work for a one-man effort. You should team up to improve the game.

It’s not bad as it looks. Nice work. Yeah, I agree. Making a game like this should have team effort if you want it to stand out from other games.

I have learned that team games are about 10x better than 1 person.

I wish I was this far in the learning process.

I had fun playing this and getting achievements :smiley:

I thought the achievements would add a little more professional twist. Or at least a motive to play through the whole thing!

What scrt did you use for the AI / logic bricks?

This is AWESOME. How on earth did you convert from .blend into all those .dll files?