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find here my last project called Morgellons:
A suspected maladie caused by nanotechnology. I’m not sure about this, but I love the idea and I try something with it. Hope you like it.

Blog :

nice! Is the environment all 3d? It looks great!

Yes of course, everything is done in Blender :slight_smile: yahh ! But I made my compositing in Photoshop, by exporting Z-depth etc.

It looks really good!! Would love to see the rocks and the sand material if is possible! :slight_smile:



I think that the more important thing about the sand, is that I used the Ocean modifier to generate the surface.

The sand is absolutely gorgeous looking!!!

Thanks! The ocean modifier for the sand was a great idea indeed!

It is the first time that I see a displace setup like the one you used for the rock material. Is there some “technical” reason for it or you just saw that it looked good? :smiley: Also, did you use some displace modifier for the rocks or it is all achieved with the material?

Thanks again! :slight_smile:

I sculpted the rock using Dynamic-Topo.
There is no displacement map, in the other side I use bump (Cycle node) again to get a better result.

my rock preview.

Wow! Great render!

Poor little guy looks stressed.

Is your sand texturing ©? :wink:

obviously this is my sand node setup. : )
But you have to understand that the shader doesn’t do all. I would say that the lighting was also very important in this scenne.

I made an exemple for you guys. Hope it help.