Morning in a pine forest (low poly)

I have long wanted to try something in this style do. At first I thought that everything would be easy and fast. But it took about 30 hours.

This is a “copy” of the famous paintings by Russian artists

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wow, I am normally not a big fan of low poly scenes, but this one is really beautiful! The lighting and the mist in the background give it a really nice touch.

Ooh, the bears look so sweet in low poly. You really captured their look in such simple form. The trees also look really cool at low poly, their leaves are really cool. You should keep up the good work.

If this is low poly, you should have simplified the background, that fog makes it differ from the foreground. And since it is outdoors, the sunlight leaves hard shadows, the image looks like there is a giant plane that prevents the sunlight to pass through and it looks a little dark. But tthe image looks amazing, though.:yes:

Screen shot from view.

The most successful low poly environment I have seen…truly. Excellent job of story telling and composition. Wonderful low poly ponderosa pine trees along with the fog…nicely done:) If I was going after low poly this is the direction I would go so you got two thumbs up from me!

It is really fantastic! You, people of the Russia are intusiasts. For example, I love Golden Fish named fairy-tale. And this one is similar to that fairy-tale. 5 stars by me;)

Wow, amazing work! I absolutely love this style and would love to see this animated :wink:

This is brilliant! Absolutely perfect! Top row watch out! 5* :wink:

I would just move on without a comment but this is just fantastic. I love minimalistic visuals, but this a decent step above.

Yes, I’m going to do this on the basis of not a big video clip cute =)
All bears are rigged, and scene have a real placement


30 hours is very descent for such a nice piece.
Very good interpretation. I love it!

Wow! Incredibly detailed, I love it.:slight_smile:

wonderfully captured the mood and playfulness. 30 hours, i am not surprised, as everything such good really needs time to develop. well done.

Beautiful work, you have done a tremendous job translating the composition into a stylized, 3D look. Outstanding!

Amazing work. Good interpretation from the painting.

I love it! My Grand Ma has a framed print in her house (where I grew up), of the the original painting - “Morning in a Pine Forest” by I. Shishkin, actually the print is still there… over than 20 years, since when I was child and I remember this painting very well. I’ve done really wonderful work, translating it to low poly scene. Great!

Great work! And with armatures! It could be animated?

I improved a little bit of my work.I make smaller bear. And a little corrected cubs.

wonderful! immediately reminded me of the original piece :slight_smile:

how did you get the wavy bark on the trees? looks excellent :smiley: