Morning Mountain in Blender Internal

This image I made for my last project… I try to bring some realism to the scene… so I made I mossy rock, dry grass, pebbles and the mountain with many tree on the surface…

Feel free to post comment … I’ll happy to know what you think…

overall the image is brilliant, really love the moss on the rocks, is that just done by texturing? only criticism i can see is that the grass maybe looks a tad patchy and could do with a bit more random variation. otherwise the image works really well together and its a big thumbs up from me :smiley:

Thanks Redtop92… the mossy in the rocks not just a textures… there is a very small particle hair in there with a blend texture…
for the grass I’ve set to random in the particle hair… but maybe it still need some improvement with more random variation…

Thanks for post a comment here… :slight_smile:

this is excellent, not much to say beyond that

Thanks Kemmler… :slight_smile:

Blender internal strikes again. Very nice job.

Whoa, Amazing!
lovely atmosphere, impressive realism, and fine details. Bravo!

Thanks GraphiX… yep blender internal still amazing… BI and cycles are amazing… they are have their own greatness… :slight_smile:

Thanks Agus3D … :slight_smile: