Morninglight ==> update

(olaf) #1

Hey Blendermaniacs,

nothing posted here in this forum for a while. I’ve made an update of my Morninglight picture.
I learned a little bit more on how to texture in blender and worked out a better lighting in this pic.
Thank’s to RipSting for the gras- and the L-Systemscript!
The pic is always still work in progress i would like to add some flowers and so on…

any comments, suggestions?..

Ciao Olaf.

PS: my english is not so good as my blender skills, sorry :wink:

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(dickie) #2

that’s pretty cool.

kinda art nouveau.

i like it.

(paradox) #3

That is cool, I like it too. creates a nice mood.


(kaktuswasse) #4

but it seems pretty 2d (imho)

(macouno) #5

For some reason the light seems slightly too green to me to be morning light. Nice pic though.

(olaf) #6

Hello everyone and thanx for comments,

@ kaktuswasser:

no the picture was made in 3D with Blender. You don’t believe me?
Have a look at a screenshot from my Desktop!

Only the decoration was done with GIMP the rest is Blender.

bye Olaf.

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(blengine) #7

thats a grat pic, i love the clouds in the bg, did u paint them yourself? theres great mood here, awesome job