Morph question for characters

So, I know morphing in general and how it works, but I want to expand it to other meshes as well.

Say I make a base mesh (human) and I weigh clothing etc to it. Then I want to morph it into another character and to have the clothing to follow. Is that possible without manually deforming all the clothing to fit the new mesh?

My idea is to make a source mesh with lots of different clothing, and from that setup pull out body morphs and toggle clothing to make many different characters… is that possible somehow?

There is a way that it can be done, but if I recall, the vertices from one has to match the same number as the other mesh. You can look up a Blender tutorial about Werewolf transformations. That can show you how it is done. However, I would suggest that it should be done as part of a special effect in post production.

Yeah, I know that when using “morphing” there has to be the same number of vertices but may be difficult when you want to have one “deformer character mesh” to deform/morph another mesh with additional clothing that the source does not have.

The only thing I found was the “lattice” function which seems to be closest to what I want, I’ll look into that for NPCs. For player characters on the other hand, the Lattice deformer must be interactive in a game engine.

I want to make something like this: but different with unique functions. I might have to look for a programmer :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, this does look like a programing issue. I’ll try to see if I can find any answers later on and come back.

I found this video that could help you out. Take a look at the footage.

Thanks Xero, but think about this:
Jacket+Character and then 3 characters: Thin, Medium and Fat. =3 jacket meshes already.

As soon as you add more complexity and layers to this system it becomes a modeling nightmare with no end, especially if you want more than 3 characters :stuck_out_tongue: An example would be 30 hairstyles+10 hats.

A morph/lattice system takes a huge burden off of the artists and gives millions of options to players who want to make their own character. It all depends on the detail on the lattice deformer. Like all of us are made of flesh and bone, it is our DNA that is the blueprint for our unique appearance :slight_smile:

It is an interesting topic though, and I think many are afraid to dive into it, but in reality it is nothing more than an invisible lattice mesh that can be manipulated to deform a base mesh and all of its clothing to end up just as you want.

The modifier you may want to look into is not Lattice, but Mesh Deform. (it lets you specify custom mesh as a lattice). With same manual work, you can use it to transfer the shape keys between different vertex count meshes.

Aha, I didn’t know that Deckard! Thanks I’ll look into it :slight_smile: