morphing a shape along a curve

I need to make an array along a curve that is one shape on one end, and another shape at the other end.
In other words, it should be a square on one end of the curve, and a triangle at the other end of the curve. Is this possible?

Curve alone? Probably not with the usual curve object itself. It only allows for changing the radius, but the shape is still that of the bevel curve.

However it’s possible to make a mesh object that transitions from one profile shape to another, and conform it with a curve modifier. The other alternate to that is to look into how the Bsurfaces add-on works. It can stitch some complex shapes over some intermediary curves.

Why all the secrecy? Be more specific. What EXACTLY do you need to make?

You can use array and curve modifiers to do what you describe if you are OK with the parts of the array being deformed. If not, you can use Path Animation and frames duplication. You can add constraint modifiers to control the orientation of the array elements, you could also probably add shape key animation to morph one object to another along the array. It’s also possible to use just a curve alone like pauljs75_ indicated, to achieve another effect that might also match your description.

Stretch and bounds clamp options for the curve enabled.

Array question.blend (859 KB)No big secret, here’s the file I’m working on. One shows how I applied the array and curve modifiers, then manually changed the shape at the end. The other shows the shape with it’s modifiers still in place.
The object on the left is passable for my needs, but I would much rather create a shape that I want the ends to be, probably a smooth oval. So the top of the arch is the more complex shape, but the arch becomes a simple oval at the bottom.

I meant telling a bit about your goal and the actual thing you are modeling and the reason for it would be nice and would probably help you get the information you need faster. For example if I say that I need to model a rectangle object with a hole and a specific profile for it’s sides that has one shape inside and another outside and I need it to be split in the middle with the part in the middle having only the inside profile from both sides might be a lot less understandable than if I say I need to model a window. JA12’s solution seems to be appropriate. You would need to model it as a simple object that transitions from one shape to another along it’s length. You could have two edge loops with the same number of vertices and different shapes and bridge them. Then you have to use curve modifier like in JA12’s screenshot. If it’s still unclear, let me know, I can make a GIF.