Morphing Between Image Textures...

Exactly wehat it sounds like. I need to morph between 2 different image textures during an animation.

The effect I am trying to create is a time lapse of sorts, of a tree going from green leaves to fall colours. The green is one image, and the fall colours is another image…

So far I havn’t found a way to actually do it in Blender, I’m thinking maybe render the animation twice, once with each colour and then fade between the 2 videos. Thats about the best I have so far.

Any thoughts?

You can key frame the material by hovering over your texture channels tab and pressing ‘I’ to insert keyframe. You can choose from the options there, buy I would suggest 'All Mapping" so you can keyframe the col value of each texture - one up, one down, then the other down and the next up. You might get a different effect with a different type of keyframe, but you’ll figure out what you want thru trial and error there.

Alternatively, you can use material nodes, which is a bit more complicated but gives you an enormous amount of control. See the attached blend file as a quick example. It contains three cubes, one green, one red, and one changing from green to red in 50 frames. Note that with this method, you can also blend textures. Good luck.


texBlend.blend (164 KB)

Wow, thank you sooo much Xalt thats exactly what I needed…