Morphing Mesh

Hi guys, I was just wondering how would you approach this problem. I’ve got these two clouds and so far I’ve managed to animate them to morph somehow by using two methods. One is with going into edit mode and using proportional editing tool with randomize, the second would be to just use a wave modifier and assign all those changes to ShapeKeys and insert animation keys to them.

Now, keep in mind that this mesh along with the animation will go into Unity. Soooo, I guess my questions would be

  • Is this the right way to animate them, using Wave modifier and/or proportional editing tool or is there another way

  • How can I make the animation seamless, so that it’s morphing slightly non-stop but you know still looping through animation.

  • Or would it just be wiser to simulate this in Unity using scripts, sadly I don’t know of any script that can do this.

Last but not least here you go the .blend file and a pic.

Still nothing? I guess I wasn’t clear enough or this is something really easy to do for any beginner and hence you guys won’t respond to stupid and easy questions. Regardless of that I managed somehow to make this myself, but I still wonder if a C# or Java script in Unity would be a better approach. Guess I won’t know any time soon.

Waiting only one day for an answer then being sarcastic is not a good way to get help here. All of us who help are part time volunteers not paid full time professionals - please bear this in mind when you post.

Cheers, Clock

Ok, when reading my previous post at which point did you conclude that it contained sarcasm?