Morrowind Animated Texture

I’ve been working on a mesh for morrowind thats kind of like a TV. It’s all finished except for the screen. I’ve created a loop in AVI format as a texture, but Morrowind doesn’t support AVI. So I need to either get around the problem or convert the avi into TGA, which Morrowind supports.
The avi is about 6 mins. long, if I have to shorten it I will, but if shortening can be avoided, that would be prefered.
Any one know a good program to convert it or a way to get around the problem.:confused:

Use the Sequencer in Blender. Import the AVI select the desired output format (Targa in your case) press “do sequence” and then press anim.

wow thanks i’ll try that.

wait, what do u meen by “Import”. In other words how do I specify what I want to turn into a sequence. when it starts rendering, all it is, is black,no image.:confused:

You have to load the AVI into the sequence editor.

Here is a Sequencer tutorial