Morr's 2D Sketchbook

Greetings and well met, it’s really nice to finally have joined, i’ve been a hobbyist user of blender for a long time, switching on an off between 3D and 2D, and it’s been even longer since i’ve known blender.

It was through My father who was one of those NaN Blender users for some years prior to the company’s bankruptcy, but at that time he stopped using it since he was uncertain of the software’s future. He still yearns for Blender and when i told him Blender had been released as an open source alternative he jumped out of joy haha, although he’s always been focused on his carreer and he doesnt have enough time to be nostalgic with Blender nowadays, he’s still creating stuff in his free time (i’m curious to see if some of the older members would remember him?, i mean he was just starting out with blender but he got lots of possitive feedback :slight_smile: so if i can i would like to post some of his old blender work on the appropriate forum to see)

I was always astonished how he would create 3D stuff with Blender, although it had a really steep learning curve, even with the manual at hand!, although heck that 1.5 blender manual was really well done :slight_smile: . I was never truly interested in doing any kind of art stuff but then i gradually came into contact with Graphic Design, Animation, Illustration and so 3D Art.

Despite trying to learn Blender early (but without good grasp in the english language) i was put off by it and i just remained as a passive watcher of it’s development for some years. I learnt 3Ds Max later on, but i never kept going with it (so i don’t use it anymore), and just recently i took a technical course on 3D Animation, which allowed me to see 3D in a different manner, i learnt Autodesk Maya over there, and since i had been on the loop with Blender progress i decided to give it a go for the 127th time, and well here i am.

Introduction aside, i would like to learn how to create 3D art with Blender, don’t get me wrong Maya is a great piece of software, but i’ve always been acquainted to Blender even as an observer and i see it’s future far more clear than that of Maya.

I’ve been trying to learn with every piece of tutorial i could find, but it’s kind of hard to adopt a learning methodology with different kinds of instructors, tutors and teachers throughout the web. So far the best that have worked for me has been to translate my maya knowledge into blender knowledge, that is if i do something in Maya, how would i do it in Blender, funny thing is that when i learnt Maya i always frowned upon it because “it didn’t do things that blender did” up to a point, although i then understood how to do them with other methods.

I’ll try to divide my sketchbook into some categories, just for my own sanity:

  1. Sketches (They will be individual pieces not meant to be finished)
  2. Studies (Drawing, Color, Painting Studies)
  3. WIP’s (If i have the willpower, Process Passes on the artwork)
  4. Finished Stuff (just because i ain’t cut it for the gallery yet)

I would like to ask though, can i post 2D animation stuff here? or is it only meant for still imagery? thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Anyway i’ve spouted a long intro here, and i’m sure you people want to see artsy stuff, so i’ll go ahead and post thing from time to time, hopefully i’ll get some critiques, espcially on my Blender stuff when i get to it, anyway thanks for reading this and have a good day :slight_smile:


Hello, I saw you commented on my page, thanks!
I really like the expression and hatching in your lines on the sketches you’ve shared so far. Well done.

hello, solid understanding of forms you show, beautiful drawings. you will do great in 3d, once you mastered the initial difficulties blender gives! but try hard, its well worth it :slight_smile:

Very nice, powerful drawings - studies
Go for dynamic topology 3d sculpting studies.

Thank you for the kind words @Maika, i’ll be sharing more work whenever i can, those sketches were pretty old, but i didn’t have anything else to bargain haha.

You’re too kind @doris, thank you for taking the time to comment on this thread! Hopefully you’re right with that, although i can move through Blender without many hardships, i can assure you my 3D skills are raw. To be quite honest with you i love some of the technological trinkets our age has come to devise in regards to these virtual toolbags that artists have incorporated in their workflow, but i’m more fond of the 2D world than that of the 3D virtuality we’ve come to accept. Despite that, i HAVE to learn 3D properly, it is just vastly needed nowadays in the visual market to not learn about it. In anycase thank you for your words of encouragement, i’ll be sure to better myself both in 2D and 3D and show some of it here when i can!

Thank you for your equally concise and somewhat inspiring words @michalis, i’ll be sure to explore 3D dynamic topology sculpting when i can master the fundamentals of how that and other features work in conjunction inside Blender. Perhaps i could also use sculptris as a helping hand in that regard. Although i wish my hands could move through the polygons like they move through clay in reality despite my inexperience with actual sculpting. Anyway, thank you for taking the time to comment, keep sculpting!

love the gray value!!

I’m looking forward to seeing more of your works!