I just modelled this up this morning. I’m going to use it as a texturing experiment. He will definately be rigged and posed and placed in an environment of some sort. I will probably animate him eventually also. C & C welcome of course.

the nose looks a lil small…:-?

is the mosquito dead ? :frowning:

No real C&C here actually. The design is very neat and comic like. Perhaps you should make the textures comic-like too.

Very good so far.

Excellent model, I like it a lot (though I hate mosquitos … I smashed one this morning but didn’t keep it so I can’t tell you if yours has the right proportions, lol ;))
Anyway, it does look like a mosquito, and it don’t see anything that you could improve, the whole mosquito looks great.

personally i think the mouth is a bit to big, but it is nicely done, almost pixar like, im guessing its the eyes .