Mossy rock

(BlackRainbow) #1

It’s a part of a bit larger project. But, as a still, it’s pretty finished. It has been in WIP section for a while. Hope you’ll like it, guys.

4K render link

Done entirely in Blender, rendered in cycles, GPU in 15 minutes.

'lil update

Tōrō - Stone Lamp , Japanese Style
(see360) #2

Still a little grainy from cycles, and maybe the rock looks a little metallic. Or is just shiny from being wet?

On second thought, I’d say this is pretty much indistinguishable from reality. The moss is just, well, awesome!

(BlackRainbow) #3

@see360 Thanx for a comment. You do have a point here. Rock’s front surface do looks a bit metallic, wet rock surface in some conditions can be confused with metall. Still, maybe it could use some darkening.

As for grain, i always liked grainy pictures more than “clean” ones. Just a personal opinion, which by the way really helps me with my rendertimes :slight_smile:

(paulina) #4

I don’t understand why everybody have such allergic to “grainy” render. if you look at the photographs You would see that almost every picture have some grain. And isn’t it a point of making a photorealistic visualisations? to achieve realistic view? “perfection in imperfections” this is thing which make this render awsome.
It’s my opinion and 5 stars from me. I don’t have a patience and skills yet to make such awesome nature renders.

Regards, paulina.

(justinodunn) #5

very nice! All this done in 15 mins?! And was the moss made with hair particles?

(Calzaath) #6

All this done in 15 mins?! And was the moss made with hair particles?

I think he was referring to rendertime.

(BlackRainbow) #7

@justinodunn Rock has 3 hair particles systems, and 2 particles instancer systems. All along with separate texture maps for color, density and length. Had quite a time painting and repainting them.

I know some people like clean images, but some also like grainy ones. it’s just a matter of opinion. I have worked with both kinds of people, and some times i tend to like more doing “clean” images, coz’ i had more spare time while rendering was going :slight_smile:

(Ride the flow) #8

Pretty realistic

(Joshua_Reynolds) #9

Nice work. The place actually “feels” cold and wet.

(BlackRainbow) #10

Foot, obviously is not CG, it’s a still from a shot (same shot background is from) projected to a simple geo for proper reflections and shadows.


(Kemmler) #11

damn fine work.

(BlackRainbow) #12

just a little closeup (best viewed in fullres)

(ROUBAL) #13

Very good work on these images ! I also like the grain. Very realistic.

(BlackRainbow) #14

another closeup

(jar862) #15

The close up shots and the one with the foot are really good. Really well done. I love the lighting and the mood. Makes me want to go hiking the Pacific North West.

(BlackRainbow) #16

@jar862. Thanks. i can see your point, especially from composition perspective. The one with the foot really do seems to me more complete. By the way, main idea came to me while i was at week long mountain hiking tour (which was one of my best experiences).

(BlackRainbow) #17

Just lowered the light a bit at facing angles and slightly moved camera

(MikaKettunen) #18

Very realistic! Great job!:yes:

(marcus1984) #19

awesome job!

(DruBan) #20

Dewdrops make the picture. Careful climbing around on there, gravity might be enabled.