Mossy Statue


(ToshiCG) #1

Hey Blender people,
been a while since I posted here. This was a project mainly to get me back into making personal work.
I did most of the modeling in 2.78 but the final rendering was done in 2.89 RC2 with denoising, principled and all that good stuff.
Please critique and comment as you please.

A quick like on ArtStation would make me happy, because I am trying to build my profile there.

(Rico) #2

Excellent render… good job on the moss, too.

(Tonatiuh) #3

That is quite impressive!! the light is excellent! 5 stars, see you in artsation

(ToshiCG) #4

Thanks for the support, guys. Definitely, see ya in ArtStation. :slight_smile:

(robproctor83) #5

Wow Toshi, I just checked out your art, very impressive. Hopefully one day I can be at your level :slight_smile:

(kr4st) #6

Did you mean to say 2.89 RC2, or 2.79 RC2?

(Skoldelid) #7

Amazing! By far one of the best renders i’ve seen on these forums so far. The lighting is just perfect, and together with the air particles it creates a vibrant atmosphere. Good perspective and composition as well. I’ll deffinitely go and like&follow your artstation account :).

(ToshiCG) #8

Thanks, mate. Aim high (much higher than my level), work every day and you’ll do well! :wink:

Haha, I meant 2.79 RC2. 2.89 sounds like something from the year 2020.

Thanks, I appreciate the positive words!

(OldMan johnson) #9

This is great. Some thing I definitely want to learn how to do.

I love nature, but I also like making “forgotten places” or areas where nature has started to take it back.

(William Castano) #10

Great job.

(Songroom) #11

Great work. Respect to you :slight_smile:

(OldMan johnson) #12


I really want to learn this kind of stuff because I love nature and want to make forgotten or overgrown places to show elapsed time, as if some kind of disaster happened like in Walking Dead.

(Taholmes160) #13

WOW – thats amazing