Moth Queen WIP

A Work In Progress for another piece I’m working on based on Shumolly’s Moth Queen Concept (yes I’m juggling three at the same time)

I’m still blocking out the lace of the fan, followed by her hair and the antennae/ bushy whisker/ears which I’m still figuring out how to approach

I want to capture her energy and majesty properly so this will be a challenging experience that I hope I can have fun with


I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!


Still at her, managed to figure out the antenna and though it needs a bit more work the lace of her fan has a direction now, so I just need to get her hair right then can work on her UVs and building detail

Using this as an opportunity to get better at Hair cards. Could use some input and advice on how to improve the hair and make it look more realistic

The first pass of this Queen is nearly done. Am going to touch up on some of the primary details and forms a bit more before I go over everything again for the second pass and micro details

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Nice image and I like the colour combination, it looks quite theatrical.

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Nearly there. Just need to work on her skin and hair a bit more and then can work on a render

{side note: how do you post a video/ file larger than 5mb preferably without YouTube}


Shumolly's Moth Queen and she is done, took a while because I shelved a lot of projects and am currently finishing them off now. Hope you like all the improvements I made