Mother of pearl/irridecent material

Having trouble replicating this material on the scratch guard. It’s this wavy quasi metallic plastic with a milky iridescent specular, underneath a translucent plastic layer with a flat glossy surface. I thought i got close by forcing some silly values but it breaks completely if it’s not under direct light.

Any idea how to get this? It’s a real SOB and none of my ideas worked.

Maybe this could help.

Some threads about Iridescence/pearlescence/opalescence

I should clarify, the issue isn’t the pearlescent iridescence itself, it’s the flat glossy layer on top which the uneven material underneath that transluscent layer



You can see visible ridging and such which indicates the top of the surface isn’t even, but that depth still exists underneath the surface. I need to have a fully functional translucent/refractive layer overtop this surface to emulate it correctly. And i’m not sure how to do that, as clearcoat seems to inherit the surface normal of the surface below it, or at least isn’t thick enough to emulate the depth properly.

Principled’s clearcoat don’t simulate depth and absorption - not that I think it would be required in this case, but you can reduce or eliminate bumps by controlling what goes into clearcoat normal. For normal dielectric materials under a clearcoat, you’d also reduce the specular. For this material I wouldn’t know.

Just fresnel mix a white glossy shader over the top of your iridescent/translucent layer (in my case, the red glossy)

You can add anything, including bump to the red glossy layer and it will look like it has a smooth layer of clear lacquer over the top.

VMATS’s next version will has realistic Pearlescent material. Coming very soon.