cycles pearl material help

i’m trying to make a watch and i’m finish modeling, but i’m stuck on the pearl matherial, how does all of it is white but when looked in an direct angle to the pearl, there are multiple colours? and there’s a meaty colour hue on it,
i tried using the light path node, with a colour ramp, but it doesn’t work
the material is something like the shell of this:

and with the hue of

If you are talking about viewing angles then you probably want fresnal/facing. I can’t see the light path node coming into play here. A while back I started some bubbles using a pink/blue/yellow swirling image texture. Nearly the same phenonemnon occurs with certain pearl / oyster shells. Here’s a render and the blend if you want to look at the setup. It’s like 11 mb only because it’s got a big environment lighting image. Blend:

and just the texture:

*from google images

have you seen one for inside of oyster shells
like pinkish violet colors

there was a thread for pearl but cannot find link for it!

here is nodes set up



Already 2 answers while I was having fun… errr… working. :wink: Nevermind, here is what I did:

The node tree:

Subtle ramp shadings all over the place! :smiley:

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I used this gemdat.orgas a reference and built a pearl shader group with an easy color selector and facet size. If anyone else thinks it’s ready I’ll post the blend.

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i would evry much like to have it, please

pearl_mat.blend (939 KB)

Here it is without the studio environment texture to keep the file size reasonable.


Here’s a porcelain bowl full of pearls with that pearl material, all procedural.


see360, I just download your pearls and looked at the nodes, and they are really nice. Thanks for sharing.

Thank you for sharing!
Very nice and instructive

Thank you so much. Really helpful !!