Hi everybody. Here’s my first post. New user in blender (2 months) but having some experience in 3ds (mostly architectural design). But involved in art (paintings) for many years.
Well this is an old woman. Work flow goes like this:
blender (basic structure + UVs) > zbrush (textures, sculpture, normal maps in 1700000 polys) > blender (20 000 polys) > fine sculpture tuning (after test renders), hair (my first attempt) eyes (first time again). Some PP (levels, glow) in gimp.

I know few things about blender, I dont understand how SSS works, how depth of field in camera works, how radiosity etc… Sorry for my english. Any help, comments, critics would be very helpful.


It is a very intriguing portrait but … “something just doesn’t quite ring true.” I think it may be the skin-crease that runs straight down from the nose to the edge of the lip: it looks unnatural, like a scar.

The lighting on the face seems unflattering, abrupt, harsh. It makes the face look “painted on.” Like she is wearing a mask. The skin-tones of the neck and lower jaw are much more realistic and pleasing.

Give me just a little “catch-light in the eyes.” Without that, eyes seem dead.

You’re well on your way to the Gallery!

Same render but this time learning SSS. The best I could do is to mix two renders in gimp.


the uv map needs to be doubled in size imo.
not nearly enough texture, also addd a bump/normal map :slight_smile:

and give us more of a three quarter view radther than side :slight_smile:

good for a first attempt though i must say :):):slight_smile:

The second picture looks much more ‘luminous’. As people age, their skin becomes thinner and that must certainly effect SSS but I haven’t seen any discussion of the differences between youthful and elderly skin SSS. It might be instructive to all of us if you did a series with varying SSS to see which ones are more convincing.

Coming from a more traditional art background, I’m less interested in seeing every pore than I am in treatment of light, color, and composition. I think this is a masterfully done work and like all true art, it is less than, and more than perfect.