Motherboard Chipset Fan

Here’s a little closeup of a much larger project that I started. I’m modeling my computer. I have the motherboard mostly completed and have started on the case and graphics card.

Used Blender 2.47 to model and Luxrender CVS to render. The new Luxrender can do actual motion blur.

Thanks for looking.

Looks great, I like the details :wink:

That looks really cool, especially the second image.

Well done.

Do you plan on showing us the rest of the project, when you’re all done?

Yup. I’ll start posting the complete MB here soon.

Nice work Philbo! Those capacitors look great also.

Wow. I have to confess, my first thought on reading the title was “that sounds really boring”, but those images are beautiful. Just shows you can turn an artistic eye to anything. 5* from me.