mothers day card

i know the render is a littel shoddy but i was a little pressed for time, but i was quite pleased how it turned out since i havnt been doing this very long.

lol did you wake up this morning and say to yourself “O S%*&!!!”, then make this?

^tad harsh :S

It’s nice, but too simple. The red is too powerful.
Reflection is nice though.

@peasley actually i did wake up sunday and realize i completely forgot mothers day. so i had to get this emailed to my mom before she checked her email.
@redbyte i know its REALLY simple, but i didnt have much time. and i was kinda goin for a simplistic look, which i kind of over did i think. and i agree about the red too. i think i should have toned it down, but i didnt really notice that untill i had emailed.
thnx for the comments :stuck_out_tongue: