Motion actuator inoperative[UPBGE0.3]

I want to give a dynamic object an upward speed at some time, but when the trigger condition is met, the motion actuator inoperative

Hit/activate the L behind it

Not invalid, but invalid with small probability

No, sometimes the actuator doesn’t work, maybe

Key → and → motion

That is the setup?
then try to check always and the tap button from the keyboard sensor.

But is should work without it, and keep in mind 0.3.0 is still in beta, so it can actually be a bug.

Please be aware that scene gravity and object mass are also contributing elements that you need to factor into your upward velocity rate… Try tweaking those suggested settings.

Hi all actuators and sensors in upbge 0.2.5, experemintal alpha 0.3.0(eevee) work right if you right connect and setup logic bricks, sensors keyboard for motion actor always use true impuls mode for movement else - motion work only tap (need quickly press motion key for look movement if mode not true impuls this is not right method) maybe you use high friction in ground object or actor collider (check in physic panel standart 0.500) sensors keyboard in impuls mode keys W,S,A,D connect in four actuators movement - axis Y(plus, minus) X(plus, minus) and check location movement if all direction motion right, use linear velocity motion in actuators